Thursday, August 9, 2012

Where Is The Stimulus Money

So did 70% of the stimulus money during the Obama administration really go to foreign nations? That is of course a very good question and I personnally would like an answer to this. Mitt Romney says that it did, and why would he lie about that...

The stimulus money went to places that it never should have gone. Why would $500 million dollars be given to a company that wouldn't make much of a difference if it went out of business anyway? Why would stimulus money, that is supposed to save and boost the United States economy and people, go to Finland to help them?

The stimulus money was supposed to be for the American public to ensure that the loss of jobs would be at a minimum, to ensure banks would still have funds to loan to the public, to save big corporations keeping jobs alive, but the money was not spent wisely. The Obama administration should be held accountable for this attack against We The People.

They want to raise taxes and cut spending yet they produce the biggest tax raise in the history of the United States by passing a health care program that even the government won't use. If they are going to force this onto the American public then the government should have to use it also. If it is good enough for the people then it should be good enough for them.

The only way to stop this madness is to vote everyone out of office that is responsible for this crime. So ensure that you vote every chance you get and do not vote blindly. Do your research to ensure that the people you are voting for have been and will do the right thing.

Make A Difference and VOTE.

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