Thursday, July 26, 2012

Free Online Business

Are you looking to start a business online for free? If so then continue to read this and I will explain one way you can go about doing this. There are hundreds of millions of people on the internet and most of them are purchaing product over the internet. If you could have a product online selling to those buyers what would you be willing to do to have it??? I ask this because an online business, whether free or not, takes dedication, time, and the willingness to learn and do on your own.

Finding a niche is the first step you must take in order to start your business. This niche can be anything from a hobby to an insurance company. You do not have to have a great deal of knowledge about the niche you are looking at to start your business, but you should learn about it so you are able to market your business
driving traffic to your site. Matter of fact, you really do not have to know as much about the niche as you do on internet marketing. You see, you can be a subject matter expert in your niche, but if no traffic comes to your site then no income will flow either. There are many ways to market your business both online and off. You will need to learn about pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-view (PPV), article marketing, forums, blogging, and social media avenues of marketing. Some of these avenues are free costing nothing but your time, and the others cost very little to very large amounts of money depending on your marketing approach. The good thing is that you can get started with no money what so ever.

To get started with no money, you will need to get a domain name and a website. This can be done for free with Google. Getting a Google account (free) will provide you with an area to make your own sites, create your own blog sites using Blogger, and they both have pre-made templates that you choose for your site. The good thing about these, besides being free and easy to use, is you can choose your own unique name for the site. Although you may have to play around with the name if it is already taken it will still be a unique name for the niche of your choice!!! That is key to getting high ranks in the search engines which drives traffic to your site and moeny in your bank account.

A little tip!!! Blog sites with unique names relating to the site (your niche) seem to rank higher and quicker than other sites. The trick to this is to continually have new content for readers to view andour  post their comments. Thus it is called a blog site. The content articles should at first be related specifically to the name of your site. Once you have around 20 of these articles posted, within the first 30 days, you can start to post articles on anything. As long as you continually post new content, the search engines see this and will move your site up in the rankings with your goal to be on the first page (#1 on first page, but first page is great).

Now you have a free site and you must market this site for free. The articles that you post on your site can also be posted to other sites with links back to yours. Search for like minded blogs, forums, directories and post your article. Another blog will usually not allow text links, but provides the ability for you to input your name and URL to promote your site with what is called a back link. This is time consuming, but it is free. At first it will take you around an hour to post one article, but over time you will be able to crank out an article and post it in under 20 minutes. There are many places to post and list your articles such as Ezinearticles, and many directories. The key to getting traffic is to continually post articles. Your goal is to post a new article on your blog site and market it to at least 3 marketing venues 6 DAYs per week for as long as it takes to get steady traffic and sales to your site.

Now you see, the best home business online is the one that you start. You must ask yourself this one question "Am I willing to perform the tasks above for an hour a day, 6 days a week if it takes 12 months to generate income from my internet business website?". If you are willing to do this then you will succeed with your Home Business Online. Now don't just sit there, but take action and start now!!!

Just for thought: You can do the above and sell someone elses product, program, whatever as an affiliate or a member of that organization.

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